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Ventria Bioscience Cuts to The Chase!

May 6, 2021
Ventria Bioscience is embarking on a path of accelerated growth as they work to double their capacity for multiple products this year. As part of their growth strategy, Ventria has partnered with The Chase Group to build and expand their leadership team. Ventria’s pipeline is focused on safely improving clinical outcomes in infectious and inflammatory diseases by using the power of plant biology. Driven by the scientific method and by the vision of improving the longevity and the quality of life for people around the globe, the team at Ventria believes the power of scientific innovation combined with a values-guided entrepreneurial spirit can solve some of the most vexing challenges facing humanity today. The Chase Group looks forward to forging a long-lasting relationship with Ventria as they utilize a vast network and 25+ years of executive search experience to secure elite leaders who will grow with Ventria and help them bring life-saving medicines to the world.

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