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The Chase Group—Privacy Policy

The Chase Group—Privacy Policy

The Chase Group respects the privacy of visitors to our website, and accordingly we have adopted policies to protect online privacy. The Chase Group may change or revise these policies at any time in our discretion. The changes or revisions will be reflected on the website at this location. If you have any questions or comments about these policies, please call us, e-mail us, or write us at The Chase Group via the information on the Contact page on this website.

The Chase Group may collect information on visitors to our website who request information about our services. This information may be used for The Chase Group marketing purposes. In addition, The Chase Group may use cookies. A cookie is a piece of information that is sent from a web server to a user’s browser and stored there for future access by the server to allow the server to customize web information. It may be possible to disable cookies on your computer.

Our visitors may provide information about themselves to us, including names, addresses, and/or telephone numbers. The Chase Group does not make our visitor list available to any outside companies. Information that you provide is used strictly for its intended purpose and will not be shared with any other outside agencies, organizations, or individuals without the visitor’s permission.

We do not share visitor identification or website use information with any persons or companies outside our organization, and do not sell or otherwise make this information available to third parties for sales or marketing purposes.

There may be links on The Chase Group website that take you to websites or web pages outside of our website. The privacy and security policies and practices of these websites are beyond our control and we advise our visitors to act appropriately to protect themselves when entering or browsing other websites.

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