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We are focused on life sciences

The Chase Group is not
the typical life sciences
executive search firm.

We are a boutique agency that provides a specialized, hands-on approach to recruitment, with services that are tailor-made for each client. We take pride in our smaller size because it allows for agility and exclusivity you won’t find anywhere else.

But we are more than a recruitment firm—we are strategic partners with a vast network of life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical leaders. We challenge ourselves to go above and beyond what’s expected. Our commitment to our clients includes demonstrating our expertise, professionalism, and high ethical standards every day and in every situation.

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For us, victory means securing best-in-class talent that is often considered unattainable.

Our goal is simple:
to victoriously attain the unattainable.

With our combined 100 years of experience, we recruit the best leadership talent for your life sciences organization, and we’re confident that your selected candidate will be the right choice to drive your organization’s success.

Here’s how we do it:

Attract and unlock access to the most desirable candidates through insights gleaned from our proprietary database of over 100,000 life sciences professionals’ personal and professional drivers


Advance a select group of high-potential candidates based on a rigorous discovery process and deep understanding of all search dimensions, including role, structure, culture, and challenges


Nurture candidate interest and enthusiasm through our authentic, caring approach that spans needs, qualifications, and fit


Ensure every search is guided with mastery by industry experts with the proven ability to deliver success for the hiring manager, team, and organization

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We are flexible, focused, and fast.

The thrill of the quest, combined with our collective energy, fuels our ability to efficiently secure the best and the brightest senior leadership and deliver exceptional results for every client.

Learn more about our proven approach to a retained executive search.

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