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The Chase Group Secures New Leader for Informatics & Computational Biology at the Allen Institute for Immunology

Following an extensive search of industry and academic professionals by The Chase Group, the Allen Institute for Immunology welcomes a new Director, Informatics & Computational Biology. The Director brings a comprehensive background of academic, industry, and leadership experience to the Institute’s large-scale and dedicated research effort. Committed to unraveling the mysteries of the immune system, the Institute for Immunology is on a mission to advance the fundamental understanding of human immunology through the study of immune health and diseases. By leading the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology team in creating multiple data streams and through the integration of the data analysis pipeline for the overall Institute, this critical hire will be a key role in the Institute’s ability to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of immune-related diseases at a scale of unparalleled precision. The Chase Group does not lose sight of the profound impact placements have on the future success of partnered organizations. The goal is to strive for the best possible result for both the candidate and the company, connecting life-changing organizations and executives. For more information about this role or how The Chase Group can assist with your next hire, please contact ken@chasegroup.com.
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