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Data Science Leadership Team Set to Expand with The Chase Group/Genmab Partnership

August 6, 2019
The Chase Group is proud to be partnering with Genmab, a publicly traded, international, biotechnology company with the goal of transforming oncology research by discovering and developing antibody therapeutics that serve cancer patients with unmet medical needs. Their dedication to finding innovative solutions for the treatment of cancer includes developing and expanding their clinical data science team. Genmab has retained The Chase Group to locate a Senior Director/Head of Clinical Data Science with expertise in immuno-oncology and bioinformatics to work within a multidisciplinary international team of world-class scientists and research associates with state-of-the-art knowledge of the antibody and oncology field. For more information about this position or the ongoing Genmab/Chase partnership, contact Ken Allison at 913-663-3100 or

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