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What our clients say about us

The team has integrated beautifully and have already had multiple engagements with field leadership. Respect and credibility has been earned. Attitude and energy is positive and motivating. Great hires.
VP Oncology Business Unit, Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals
The Chase Group team goes out of their way to make sure that they understand what we need. We are a very specialized company, they knew our leadership team, and they invested the time to understand the culture of the company, our business model, and how it is different from a pharma company or a CRO.
Chief Executive Officer, RRD International
The Chase Group is professional, knowledgeable and effective.
Talent Acquisition, Eli Lilly and Company
The Chase Group is nimble, objective and incredibly well connected. They were able to move quickly and had fast communication which is an advantage.
CEO, Entasis Therapeutics
I always find Chase to be forthright about their network and capabilities. Ultimately, they delivered for us, which is why I come back to them.
Vice President Human Resources, IPSEN USA
We were seeking to hire leadership talent, people who have technical expertise who have worked well with others, have led people, and are inspirational and passionate about oncology. These are people who could lead the organization. That’s what we went after. That is what the Chase Group helped us to hire.
Talent Acquisition, Eli Lilly and Company
The Chase Group team is an extension of who we are as a company. We have a very easy, open and transparent relationship. I wish we had this relationship with all of our service providers.
SVP, Finance – Isis Pharmaceuticals
The Chase Group team is professional, responsive and proactive. They have a keen ability to connect with people that helps them understand our business needs and find the talent that will excel in our culture.
CFO – Ionis Pharmaceuticals
What are 3 adjectives that describe The Chase Group? Tenacious, Honest and Trust
Vice President Human Resources, IPSEN USA
We ended up with a good candidate pool. All of the candidates were very high caliber. We were looking for a breadth and depth of experience with maturity and an entrepreneurial focus. We were looking for intangibles that we recognized right away in the candidate that we hired.
Chief Executive Officer, RRD International
Candidate references are detailed, thorough, and reflect a depth of questioning that gives us peace of mind. We use the insights gained for final conversations and decision making. There is tremendous value in The Chase Group’s ability to provide clear and focused references.
CFO – Ionis Pharmaceuticals
The Chase Group has an in-depth screening process. They dig into the candidate’s background, strengths and weaknesses, and motivation. Their ability to summarize these key factors helps drive a strong interview process.
SVP Finance – Isis Pharmaceuticals
What differentiates The Chase Group from their competitors? For me, it’s pretty simple: they actually work! It’s very simple, but they actually work. If we are going to pay premium pricing for retained search, I want someone who will hustle for us and deliver, and CHASE does!
Vice President Human Resources, IPSEN USA
The Chase Group is flexible and partners well with the HR team. They are very professional and they work together cohesively. They are a pleasure to work with.
CEO, Entasis Therapeutics
The Chase Group understood exactly what we were trying to accomplish, they found three strong candidates, we interviewed a full panel, and ended up hiring the first candidate we interviewed.
CFO – Ionis Pharmaceuticals
This was a difficult search. The Chase Group team stayed focused, energetic and positive throughout that entire process. They continually found us strong candidates, even in the face of difficult situations and setbacks. They were incredibly dedicated to this search. There was not a moment that I felt like I wasn’t the only client they had.
Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The Chase Group can track anybody down. They don’t give up. They have documentation and keep after people. They continually stay on it with a smile that you can hear in their voices.
Vice President Finance, BCG
The searches on which I have worked with The Chase Group in the past were ‘needles in a haystack’ positions. Responsiveness and persistency in a hard search is important.
Vice President/Human Resources, IPSEN US
From the beginning, The Chase Group was accurate in describing the time required at the front end, the information that was needed from me and the process. They laid out a good and realistic plan. That was helpful for me to understand the fit, how we would work together and what I had to solve at my end.
CEO, Marinus Pharmaceuticals
The process ran pretty much right on target. Where there were little delays, they were not surprises; they were anticipated.
CEO, Marinus Pharmaceuticals
The recruiters at Chase Group take an incredible amount of responsibility for critiquing, communicating and evaluating. That is a lot of work, and it would be impossible for me to do that level of analysis.
Vice President/Pharmacovigilance, Isis Pharmaceuticals
I only work with The Chase Group on what I would consider difficult searches. These are very niche positions for which no one is going to have an existing pool of candidates. The position would not have gotten filled if The Chase Group were not effective.
Vice President/Human Resources, IPSEN US
We had the planned communication, of course. Then, when anything came up, the Chase team was on top of it and went overboard to give me a heads up.
CEO, Marinus Pharmaceuticals
All of the folks at the Chase Group are good at this, both to us, as the client and hiring company, and to the candidates. It is probably quite tough to do, because we both have such different goals.
Vice President/Pharmacovigilance, Isis Pharmaceuticals
It is easy to engage into conversation with The Chase Group team. They set people at ease. I’ve seen this from both sides, as a candidate and as the hiring manager. This is tremendous.
VP, Lundbeck Inc.
The Chase Group does a really good job of updating their clients on the status of candidates. With these types of high level candidates, this is not one size fits all. The Chase Group has an ability to recognize and manage the details and nuances of communication. They met the candidates need for high level touch points and were able to keep the candidate engaged.
Talent Acquisition, Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A.
The Chase Group has a solid platform for recruiting good candidates. They are trusted, and the difference in the way they treat people is very valuable. It all boils down to the communications loop. They are very good at establishing communications and keeping it going, so the whole process works for everyone.
SVP Human Resources, Acorda Therapeutics
Everyone at The Chase Group puts an extra amount of effort to be as diligent as possible. They are diligent not only at the front end, but through the entire interview process.
Vice President, Isis Pharmaceuticals
The Chase Group team is determined to find the talent. When searching for hard to find talent, they are persistent in going down a path, but also knowing there are only 5 people in the world with this talent and then saying, ‘This is what we’re finding, how can we still move forward?’
Consultant, HR Recruiting/Staffing, Eli Lilly & Co.
The Chase Group is very experienced at conducting searches on the upper executive level. They know how to deal with the kind of person we were looking for, so we did not waste a lot of time.
Chief Practice Executive, MidAmerica Cardiology
The Chase Group team is diligent. We require a significant number of skillsets and personality traits for our leadership roles. They do a very good job at reviewing candidates to determine who would be a non-starter. This was much more complicated than just collecting resumes. They were able to assess the personal and professional capabilities. They were able to provide a steady flow of qualified candidates and they kept at it.
VP RA/QA, Isis Pharmaceuticals
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