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Biologics Consulting Engages Partnership With The Chase Group During Growth

March 27, 2020
Founded on the premise that biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals hold the promise of a better future for everyone, Biologics Consulting is making good on that promise through innovative approaches, world-class science, regulatory know-how, and by building a team dedicated to bringing all of it together. Celebrating 25 years and an unprecedented record of achievement, Biologics Consulting is on the precipice of a new phase of growth. Comprised of former FDA and industry experts, they are able to make an impact on Public Health by helping companies, from start-ups to large pharma, move innovative products forward through approval and licensing in order to bring good products to life and grant people around the world access to safe and effective healthcare. As the cornerstone of their success is found within their team, Biologics Consulting has retained The Chase Group to recruit the leading subject matter and industry experts to join their team. For more information on the positions being filled, please contact ken@chasegroup.com.

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